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Aluminium Boat Test

Australia's best boating value


  • Quality construction and standard features
  • All-welded marine grade aluminium
  • Deep "V" and performance hulls
  • Overall"Best in class" BMT value package

Key Features

Welcome to the work of SeaCraft, the world you've been waiting for.

Whether you're first timers or seasoned boating enthusiasts, SeaCraft boats are perfect for boating with the family or for a day of fishing.

The SeaCraft range starts at 2.1m to 5.1m and the range includes cartoppers, open tinnies, centre consoles and runabouts.

A boat that gives you the best of all worlds and gets you on your way with maximum ease and speed.

Australia's new standard in value and versatility is spelt 'SeaCraft'.

Address919 South Road, Clarence Gardens
SA 5039