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We know that choosing the right boat trailer for your boat greatly increases the level of enjoyment you will experience on your boating adventures, whether that be at the beach or on the river.

Here at Seatrail SA, we are experts at ensuring you have the right trailer for your vessel with all the 'bells and whistles' suited to your boating requirements.

We have included some information for you to take into consideration when purchasing a new boat trailer.

The ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) Rating is the total weight measured through the axles and towball.

The ATM must be higher than the weight of the combined package including Boat, Motor, Trailer, Fuel and any gear carried in the boat ie Esky, Fishing Gear, Water etc.

All trailers in Australia with a ATM of 750kg or under do not require brakes to be fitted but it is advised that you check your towing vehicle specs as some small cars require brakes to be fitted on trailers with an ATM of 500kg or more.

All trailers with a ATM of 751kg to 2000kg require either Mechanical, Hydraulic or Electric Brakes on 1 Axle.

All trailers with a ATM over 2000kg must have a Breakaway Brake setup that will immediately apply the trailer brakes in the event of the trailer becoming disconnected from the towing vehicle. In the event of the trailer being disconnected from the towing vehicle, the brake set up must be capable of remaining applied for at least 15 minutes.

Brakes must be fitted to all axles and the brake system must be able to be applied from the drivers position in towing vehicle.

All Seatrail Trailers up to 2000kg ATM come with Mechanical Disc Brakes.

All Seatrail Trailers above 2000kg ATM come with AL-KO IQ7 Brakes.


The boat trailer is what gets your pride and joy to and from the water and plays a vital role in how often you get to enjoy time on the water. Without a functioning trailer, obviously, you will not be able to transport your boat to and from your destination.
Trailer maintenance and regular inspections are imperative and should not be neglected.
As we all know, something as small as a poorly maintained wheel bearing can become a huge issue and turn a planned weekend away into a disastrous adventure! Such issues can be eliminated with regular, simple routine maintenance.


Washing your trailer properly is the best way prevent corrosion. Saltwater is naturally very corrosive so being diligent when it comes to cleaning your trailer properly will extend the life of your trailer and will also help to maintain the other components.
Soapy water and a brush will remove more of the salt residue than just a rinse. Take the time to wash your callipers properly with soapy water to extend the life of your brake pads too.
Rollers and skids can become sticky and deteriorate due to the salt and sand so rinse these well and replace as soon as excessive wear is visible to prevent any possible damage to your vessel or trailer.


Regular maintenance and replacement of wheel bearings can add years to the life of your trailer.
Lack of maintenance and grease is one of the most common causes of a trailer failure! Lubricated bearings play an important role in the smooth movement of your wheels so greasing them regularly is advised.
Inspect the wheel bearings routinely and for more frequently used trailers, endeavour to replace the wheel bearings annually. The smaller the wheel, the faster the wheels spin which causes the bearing to wear sooner. When inspecting your bearings, look for heat damage, which shows as a blue tinge which could be a sign of an issue.
A good inspection would include jacking your trailer off the ground so you can freely spin the wheels. Your wheels should turn without irregular movement, grinding or squeaking. While your trailer is off the ground, take the time to inspect any other hard to see components and grease them too.


These checks should also be performed as often as possible to prevent any problems and prolong the life of your trailer and its components.
Check and adjust the wheel bearings. If you have bearing buddies, repack the grease.
Do not over pack the bearing buddies as this also can cause other issues.
  • Check for any nuts and bolts that may have rattled loose during the maiden voyage!
  • Check and adjust the brake cable if required
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Lubricate the tow hitch
  • Check the electrical cables and lights



A new boat trailer purchase doesn't end with the just the initial purchase. Ensuring your new trailer is correctly adjusted to your boat is a critical element. An unbalanced or poorly adjusted trailer can be dangerous to tow as well as having the potential to damage not only your new trailer but also your boat.

A boat trailer adjusted by an industry professional, will make unloading and loading your boat at the boat ramp a much simpler and quicker job. A properly adjusted boat trailer will also reduce the risk of hull damage by ensuring that the correct weight is being carried by the centre rollers and side rollers/skids.

We will also set the axle position to ensure the correct amount of tow ball weight, usually between 5-10%, which is critical to eliminate any chance of sway through the drawbar but not too much weight to un-weight the towing vehicles front end.

We offer a full professional boat fit up service to ensure you have years of trouble free boating.

Having your boat professionally fitted to your trailer by our experts will extend the warranty on your new Seatrail trailer.

Below are a selection on SeaTrail Trailers we have fitted up under various boats so you can see how they fit.

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